Take up pick up 違い

今回は句動詞(phrasal verb)の語順のルールについて説明をしていきます。 句動詞とは「pick up」や「go out with」のように動詞と複数の単語が合体して1つの動詞として働き、意味をなすものを言います。
You would say "I pick up the book that dropped on the floor" rather than something above you like a shelf. Pick up is grabbing something from below you (most of the time).

The definition is often used,too: ( Definition 6 ): When you “pick up” something that is waiting to be collected, you go to the place where they are and take them away. Pick up means to take from the ground, but to take doesn't necessarily mean to pick up. If someone tells you something bad, you could possibly take it personally. You can also take objects.

The phrasal verb “pic up” is often used about Delivery service. だから普通pick up itとは言いません。 However,”pick up” has more meanings as you said. I will pick you up at the station. take up 【句自動】再び始める、再開する 【句他動】 〔物を〕持ち[取り・拾い・すくい]上げる 〔液体を... - アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索サービス。 pick upに目的語(~をにあたる部分)を伴うときに、 (1)目的語が普通名詞の場合はpick up (2)目的語が代名詞(itやyou)の場合はpick up になります。 例文としては Pick up one bag you like the best.
You take your time to think if you should take a beer before taking the bus. You normally pick up things from the ground or pick up people with your car.