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Application locked up? If you’re using a version earlier than macOS Sierra, see Show/Hide Hidden Files using Terminal Aliases to setup a toggle command via terminal.

Since the release of macOS Sierra, when in Finder, it is now possible to use the shortcut: CMD + SHIFT + . In the case of Activity it would be kill 25794 or kill -9 25794. ist das normal? Follow the kill command with the process ID number (short PID) of the program you want to terminate. Press once to show hidden files and again to hide them. folgendes gerade ausprobiert: $ ps ax | grep "inder" 3863 ?? Condition 1: Finder is slow but working, Suddenly Stopped After Not Responding Solution #1: Check Mac Storage.

Hello! I bought a second-hand 2008 Intel iMac last May from Ebay, which I was told was wiped but was/is not entirely.

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(It even works when you SSH into your Mac from a remote location. Some more details: The kill program in Terminal simply force quits a program, as though by remote control. It won’t quit by using “Force quit”. Here's how to force quit on a Mac, whether you want to use Finder or the oft-overlooked Option key. Fix Apple Mac Finder quit unexpectedly, Finder repeatedly crashing and Finder Search not working. Otherwise, you will have to face every day a new issue.

E 0:00.00 (Finder) sudo kill -9 3863 sudo kill -15 3863 der finder, welcher sich bei mir gerade weggehängt hat, lässt sich weder mit -9 noch mit -15 beenden. Follow The storage requirement of Mac is at least 20% if you really want to enjoy it. Thanks to Guido Schlabitz for making me aware of this new shortcut.

How do I fix finder quit unexpectedly? When it does, you’ll find that you can now see every single file and folder on your Mac: Notice that the /tmp , /usr , and /var directories now show up in the Finder. Kill program Mac OSX terminal can sometimes be necessary Even though OS X is a pleasure to work with, we have all had a program or process freeze up. Manchmal kommt es vor, dass ein Mac-Programm nicht mehr auf Eingaben reagiert oder ganz den Dienst verweigert und einfriert.